Mmm... Mechelen

In the culinary footsteps of Margaret of Austria

Mechelen: hotspot of the Low Countries

On the boundary between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Mechelen grew into the hotspot of the Low Countries. Musicians, artists, scientists and nobility: everyone wanted to be in Mechelen. And that's because of Margaret of Austria. From our city, she ruled the Low Countries in the early 16th century. In her palace, the Court of Savoy, she collected riches from the New World: stuffed animals, gold and silver, clothing with feathers and fur, jewellery and richly decorated weapons. And as a guest at her banquets, you got to taste the latest ingredients from America, combined with the refined cuisine of Spain and Italy. It was the start of a new age.

Ten times a historical tasting

Mmm ... Mechelen takes you to that golden age, on a culinary route past 12 Mechelen tastemakers. Together with ‘The Food Archaeologist’ Jeroen Van Vaerenbergh, they have developed delicacies for today with typical ingredients from the past


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Want to add extra spice to the tour? With Sense-sations, you'll get some tasters along the way.


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