Burgundian Renaissance

In September 2024, we bring the Burgundian Renaissance back to life in Mechelen through new experiences.

If walls could talk... 

Listening walk in Burgundian Mechelen 

Wooden ear trumpet

What if you could eavesdrop on Mechelen in the year 1473? Could it be that in the Burgundian period, too, people only talked about global warming and their Harry Styles equivalent? The medieval architect Antoon I Keldermans who designed a number of Mechelen’s monuments, takes you on an hour-long tour. As you walk round the city armed with your wooden ear trumpet, you listen in to conversations between VIPs and workers and even discussions in the prison. He shows you the impact of Flanders’ Burgundian period, of the Hapsburg rulers residing in Mechelen at the time and of the city’s medieval trading position.

The walk around the city takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. There is also a shorter walk available for visitors who only have an hour to do it.

People with disabilities are also warmly welcomed: an adapted route for people in wheelchairs, facilities for blind people and an alternative offer for hearing-impaired and deaf people, as well as people with mental disabilities.

Available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.

St Rumbold's Tower

St Rumbolds Tower

The St Rumbold’s tower is the perfect place to experience the Burgundian Renaissance. From high up, you can see that Mechelen has numerous centuries-old towers and city palaces. An immersive experience plunges you back in time. Can you imagine Mechelen in the 16th century? Thanks to an AR application in the Ash Cellar, which is the highest chamber of St Rumbold’s tower, a Burgundian scene from 1516 comes to life before your eyes. You will see market vendors at work, hear bystanders booing someone and see how Hieronymus van Busleyden, a gentleman of standing, attracts attention with his ornate clothing.

Once at the top, you can feast your eyes on the skywalk. Thanks to two virtual reality viewers, you will learn about the various sights you can see from the roof of St Rumbold’s tower: Burgundian palaces, hidden gems within the city and historic monuments.

Burgundian cuisine

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