Rubens in Stone

Available from 2025.

The historic churches in Mechelen had a hard time during the religious troubles in the sixteenth century. Much of the original medieval interior was lost. When peace had returned, many artists were put to work to richly furnish the buildings with altars, statues and paintings. They did this in the style that was completely fashionable at that time: the baroque.

One of them was the Mechelen sculptor Lucas Faydherbe. He was so talented that he was given a place in the studio of the famous grandmaster Pieter Paul Rubens. According to Rubens' own words, Faydherbe's sculpture could not be equaled by anyone. Lucas Faydherbe is the ideal guide to discover the richness of the Baroque in Mechelen's churches. Through an immersive audio tour you will learn everything about his life, his circle and his time, and you will learn to rediscover the rich visual language of the Baroque with a contemporary view.

The experience is not only aimed at advanced art connoisseurs, young people and families with children will also enjoy this fascinating story about the world of Rubens' most talented student.

Available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.