Museum Hof van Busleyden with children

Museum Hof van Busleyden is currently closed for restoration. In spring 2024, the museum will reopen with a renewed permanent exhibition and the exposition Knights of the Golden Fleece. Stay up to date on the museum programme

Family-friendy Tour

Families with children can explore the museum during a fun, tailor-made family-friendly tour. Hieronymus rolls out the red carpet for you, his special guests. Young visitors can use a map with sixteen “doors” to find their way through all the museum’s rooms. Behind every door, they will discover an activity or a reference to one of the golden cubes in the various museum galleries.

The golden cubes are the main feature of this family tour. The tour has a creative challenge in store for everyone, whether you like to think, draw, build, invent or do something. Put together your own procession with fun rod puppets, which will start to move, like a shadow play, once you close the cube. Or play a board game about power strategies with the whole family. Do you have bundles of imagination? Then create your own fantastic creature or a Burgundian image for yourself.

In rooms without a cube, a simple question or activity ensures the continuity of your tour. Your tour ends in the attic, where children can transform their map into their own version of an Enclosed Garden, which they can take home as a little souvenir of their visit. You can also listen to a radio play here, titled “Margareta’s Buren” (only in Dutch).

For whom?

The family tour has been developed in such a way that families can choose how many and which activities they want to do during the tour. The tour combines content with fun elements, and has been developed with children between the ages of 6 and 10 years of age in mind. The idea is also to encourage (grand)parents and children to work together, to promote intergenerational play.

The family tour is available in Dutch and English.


Opening hours

Monday closed.
Tuesday 10 h. - 17 h.
Wednesday 10 h. - 17 h.
Thursday 10 h. - 17 h.
Friday 10 h. - 17 h.
Saturday 10 h. - 17 h.
Sunday 10 h. - 17 h.

The museum is always open until 10 pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Closed: December 24, 25, 31 & January 1.


12 EUR | standard admission

10 EUR   |  residents of Mechelen, groups

2 EUR   | 13-26 yo

2 EUR   | UiTpas with social tariff


  • At the museum’s ticket office
  • Online (Dutch) and through Visit Mechelen

More information about the different rates can be found here.


Museum Hof van Busleyden, Sint-Jansstraat 2a, 2800 Mechelen