Flemish Masters in situ

The Flemish Masters often created their works for a specific place: a church, a monastery, a town hall, a castle ... Many of those art pieces have since moved to museums, but some can still be viewed at their original location. It’s a unique experience. You get to stand where the artist must have stood, and see what he saw: the exact place where his work would be hung, the light, the space around it. You can't get much closer to the essence of a work of art and the soul of a place.

In Mechelen there are still many paintings, sculptures and other works to be found in the places for which they were once created, or where they have been located for centuries. In the past, they fell under the tourist radar, but now they have been specially mapped out for you.

Curious which Masters you can see in original and special places in Mechelen? Find out below. An overview of all locations in Flanders is available at flemishmastersinsitu.com

  1. Lucas Faydherbe in de Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk
  2. Peter Paul Rubens in the Church of Our Lady across the Dyle
  3. Jan and Gaspard van den Steen in the Beguinage Church
  4. Pieter Valckx in Saint Catherine's Church
  5. Hendrik Frans Verbruggen in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  6. Peter Paul Rubens in Saint John's Church
  7. Jan van Roome in Museum Hof van Busleyden

Opening hours

You can find the opening hours of the participating locations on flemishmastersinsitu.com or by clicking on the links above.


The churches can be visited free of charge during opening hours.
For the artwork in Museum Hof van Busleyden, you will need to buy an entrance ticket to the museum. You can do this at the entrance or via hofvanbusleyden.be