Fish was first traded on the Vismarkt in 1531, after the fish merchants were expelled from the IJzerenleen because of complaints about the smell of fish. The Vismarkt and the adjoining Nauwstraat are a hive of activity into the small hours. In the relaxed 'brown cafés', the stylish modern lounge bars and the trendy restaurants you will meet young and young-at-heart Mechelaars.




Fully accessible by wheelchair.

The terrain is easy to navigate. The street leading to the Vismarkt from Ijzerenleen is made up of flat cobblestones and it slopes slightly. If you are making your way to the Vismarkt from Van Beethovenstraat, you have to cross the very steep Van Beethoven bridge.


T +32 (0)15 29 76 54


Vismarkt 14, 2800 Mechelen