The Heavy Metal Route

A passion for the carillon in Mechelen

In Mechelen, you can’t miss the sound of the bells. With its six carillons and 100-year old Royal Carillon School, Mechelen is rightly the international capital of carillon culture. In 2022, the Royal Carillon School Jef Denyn is celebrating its centenary, and everyone can join in the celebrations with this brand new carillon-themed walk: The Heavy Metal route. A passion for the carillon.

Download the extensive walk on the Visit Mechelen app and discover the carillon as you've never seen (and heard!) before. Enthusiasts, Mechelen natives, pupils and alumni of the carillon school talk about their passion in podcasts. 

Discover this mighty instrument and enjoy its many stories, while listening to snatches of carillon music. Let yourself get carried away and surprised by the multifaceted culture of the carillon city: Mechelen.

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TIP: bring your headphones and enjoy the audio fragments undisturbed.