Park your car

Free parking

Douaneplein (just outside the ring-road)

Ca. 1 km or 10 minutes' walk to the Grote Markt. From the ring-road follow the Monuments Route on foot. It leads past the palaces of the two Margarets and the Church of St Peter and Paul to the Grote Markt.

Inexpensive parking on the outskirts

There are three car parks on the ring-road (R12) around the historic city centre. Reduced tariff; free at weekends. Shopping in Mechelen is even more fun on Saturdays and during Sunday shopping. Travel to the shops in the city centre for free and in the lap of luxury with the free Shopping Shuttle.

From Brussels, Leuven or Lier

Zandpoortvest 2

Follow the Margaret Route. Among other things, you pass the palaces of Margaret of Austria and Margaret of York. Head for the Veemarkt and from there to the Grote Markt.

From Antwerp

Car park station Mechelen-Nekkerspoel

Pay car parks in the centre

In and around the central zone where traffic is restricted, there are eight car parks for which a charge is made.

From Brussels

Hoogstraat (at Ganzendries)

Lamot (on the Vismarkt)

Drive into the city past the station. Just past the roundabout at the station you'll see a sign for the Lamot car park ("parking Lamot"). Follow the arrows via the Hoogstraat to the centre.

Q-park Mechelen Bruul

From Antwerp or Lier

Kathedraal (at Sint-Romboutskerkhof)

Grote Markt

Follow the signs from the city ring-road via Sint-Katelijnestraat to the city centre.


From Leuven


Follow the signs from the city ring-road via Keizerstraat to the city centre.

Inno (at Leermarkt)

Follow the signs from the city ring-road via Bleekstraat to the city centre.