Green Barebeekvallei walk

Together with Zuurreusel and Pikhakendonk in Hever, the delta of the Barebeek in Muizen forms an area of natural beauty along the left bank of the Dijle. The area that is around 90 hectares is part of the nature reserve of the Beneden-Dijlevallei, to which the Mechels Broek, Mispeldonk, Cassenbroek and 't Ven on the right bank also belong.

The Barebeekvallei is varied natural scenery that has been well managed by farmers. In any case, Natuurpunt did not wait for the water of the Barebeek to be completely clean again before starting up a hopeful nature project here.

Practical information

  • Length: 4.60 km
  • Starting point: Visitor Center Natuurpunt (Muizenhoekstraat 5, 2812 Muizen)
  • Accessible via bicycle junction(s): 64 - 65
  • Attention: dogs on a leash



Accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs.


Muizenhoekstraat 5, 2812 Muizen