Cultural Square

Around the square are the Cultural Centre, the Academy, the Municipal Conservatory and De Garage, space for contemporary art. You will recognize the former monastery of the Friar Minors by the nave on the right, which is now part of the Cultural Centre.

On the left you see the Chapel of the Holy Ghost where the poorest of the poor came for help. Each parish had its so-called Holy Ghost Tables. Usually once a week, on Sundays, the poor-relief workers would give the people food and other help in kind, though they did have to hand over a token to prove they had been to mass.

The institutions derived most of their income from the landed property received through gifts and legacies. This system had a weakness: when times were hard, the income was low and despite the growing number of needy, less help could be provided. Nowadays the chapel is part of DE MAAN puppet theatre.




Fully accessible by wheelchair.

The Cultuurplein was laid using small, flat cobblestones and there are no changes of level. 


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Minderbroedersgang 1, 2800 Mechelen