Bicycle repairs

Out on a bike ride and your bike breaks down? Don't worry! There are plenty of places to get your bike repaired in Mechelen.

Fietspunt Mechelen

The staff of the Fietspunt Mechelen are available for helping stranded cyclist every weekday between 7 am and 7:15 pm. They carry out any small repairs that are necessary so that you can get home by bike safely and legally: repairing punctures, the light, etc. For larger repairs, the staff will refer you to the traditional bicycle repairman.

Koning Albertplein 1Z
2800 Mechelen
T +32 15 21 27 04


Fietsatelier, a sheltered workshop, is another place you can get your bike repaired. They do a great job, and with a bit of added social value. 't Atelier will carry out smaller or larger repairs to your bike.

Guido Gezellelaan 20, 2800 Mechelen
T +32 15 71 09 58 

Public automatic bicycle pump

Against the historic building De Zeeridder, just opposite the Huis van de Mechelaar, there is a public, automatic bicycle pump. Anyone who wants to pump up their tyres quickly and easily can do it in the wink of an eye here.

Befferstraat 25
2800 Mechelen

Bike Hubs

It's wonderful to experience Mechelen by bike. But if your electric bike battery is empty, or you have a flat tyre, your ride will be a lot less fun. That's why there are bike hubs in Mechelen.

You can usually recognise a bike hub by the familiar info totem standing next to it. On it is a map to show where you are and how to cycle back to our city centre as quickly as possible. It also displays a QR code that you can scan to reveal all the cycling information in Mechelen. Next to that info totem, there is also a repair totem and bicycle pump. And sometimes you will also find a charging locker in which to charge the battery for your electric bike.

All these devices are free to use. You can find the locations of the bike hubs on the map at the bottom of this page or here: