Join a time walk and journey through time! Himself a highly-experienced clock and watch restorer, the curator of the Clock and Watch Museum, Jozef Op de Beeck, has amassed a wealth of information about clock-making and timekeepers in Mechelen. All these stories and anecdotes have gradually been put together to provide a fascinating time walk.

See where the makers of watches, clocks, tower clocks and city clocks lived and admire public clocks, sundials and even a colour clock! Find out what is meant by "Mechelen time" and how long a Mechelen foot it!

Opening hours

A group walk with a visit to the Horlogeriemuseum is only possible by appointment.



For more information about access, feel free to contact the provider.


T +32 15 21 18 94



Lange Schipstraat 13, 2800 Mechelen