Mobile in Mechelen



On foot

Why not explore Mechelen? From one side of Mechelen city centre to the other is approximately 1.50 km, so easily walkable. It takes just 15 minutes from the outskirts to the heart of the city and you can enjoy the city along the way.


By bicycle

There are several places where you can hire a bicycle in Mechelen. You would be well advised to check in advance that the firm has bicycles available. Bicycles cost approx. €10 a day to hire, but the price varies greatly from one supplier to another.

There are bike sheds or stands all over the city: in shopping streets, outside public buildings and at both stations. You can leave your bike there free of charge and then pick it up later. Out on a bike ride and your bike breaks down? Don't worry! There are plenty of places to get your bike repaired in Mechelen.

By bus

Mechelen lends itself perfectly to short bus rides. There are even special cheap fares to cover short journeys, a single ticket costing approx. €1.20. A day ticket, which allows you to use the bus as many times as you like, costs approx. €10, a 5-day pass €15.

De Lijn operates the regional and city buses. On the regional lines, buses depart approximately once an hour; on the urban lines usually every fifteen minutes. There is a reduced service at weekends and during the school holidays.

 Mechelen central station is walking distance from the Grote Markt, but there is a shuttle bus (no. 1) between the two locations. If you want to go to the station from the Grote Markt, it's best to catch a bus from Schoenmarkt or Veemarkt.

De Lijn Mechelen
Stationsstraat (NMBS-station)
2800 Mechelen
T +32 15 40 87 11


By taxi

Taxis are expensive. For a short distance of 5 km you will easily pay €10. But if you are planning to have a drink while you're out, a taxi is the perfect solution. A TOV ticket enables you to combine the bus and the taxi. You get €2 discount on the taxi journey on presentation of your bus ticket. But note that not all the taxi companies accept the TOV ticket.

At Mechelen station you will find one or more taxis at the taxi ranks near the station exit on Koning Albertplein. There are also parking places for taxis in other parts of the city, but you will not necessarily find a taxi there. You might do best to book a taxi with one of Mechelen's taxi companies.

A.A.A. Ecotaxi 
Phone: +32 15 33 03 30

Phone: +32 15 26 16 10 

Phone: +32 487 35 53 55 

M(etropool) – Taxi 
Phone: +32 472 20 20 50

Bens Taxi 
Phone: +32 15 27 28 08

M3 Taxi 
Phone: +32 474 25 04 53

KM Taxi 
Phone: +32 484 03 03 73

Phone: +32 485 34 94 94

Gerrit’s Taxi 
Phone: +32 15 20 07 22

Taxi United 
Phone: +32 485 04 10 10

Taxi Mobilis 
Phone: +32 488 15 00 12

Taxi Flexi 
Phone: +32 489 57 26 11