In Technopolis you can land a plane safely yourself, take a nap on a bed of nails  or take a thrilling bike ride along a cable 5 metres above the ground. In this interactive science and technology museum, children can discover how things work for themselves.

Learn about the science and technology hidden in everyday objects in more than 350 interactive exhibits. 


When will you be in your element this summer? At Technopolis, you won't have to look very far for great activities that turn a regular holiday into an unforgettable one! How about a bicycle ride on a cable instead of the dyke? Or why shouldn't you single-handedly land a plane instead of taking it to go on a holiday? Take on one challenge after the other these summer holidays. At Technopolis, we'll be in our element throughout the summer!

Get up to 15% discount on your day ticket! Bring one of the chemical elements and show them at the cash register in exchange for your discount. Each item has to contain the element lithium, fluorine or sodium. You can find more information here.


Sports 2.0

MOVE IT! Got the hang of our sports move? Show us how it’s done when you visit us and score a 20% discount at the entrance desk!

Playing sports is healthy... but Sports 2.0 is COOL! Experience virtual paragliding and climb to the top yourself in augmented reality. Or do mind-blowing stunts without getting any scratches or bruises. Want to warm up your muscles a little before the big stunts? Do some penalty kicks, play a spectacular game of air hockey or do a superfast pirouette. Ready for a SPORTacular summer?


  • Adults and children from 12 years: € 17.00
  • Children (4 t.e.m.11 years): € 13.50
  • Seniors (55+): € 15.50
  • Disabled adults: € 15.50
  • Disabled child (4 to 11 years): € 13.00
  • Children under 4 years: free

Book online? Then you get € 1 discount!


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Technopolis, Technologielaan 2800 Mechelen