Road works on the city ring

Between August and December, the City of Mechelen and the Flemish highways agency (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer) will gradually introduce one-way traffic on the ‘vesten’ (the former ramparts) in a bid to make the area safer and more attractive.   

Expect roadworks on Zwartzustersvest from Monday 14 November through Friday 16 December

Tip: If you are driving, we suggest you use the Waze online route planner. It is usually up-to-date and shows you how to navigate roadworks.

14 november to 16 december

Cyclists and pedestrians

While the roadworks are under way, the cycle paths on Zwartzustersvest will be closed. Cyclists will follow a diversion via Frans Halsvest.

It will still be possible to cross towards the city centre on Merodestraat and Zandpoortvest. So from the Douaneplein, cyclists will be sent along the cycle path to Zandpoortvest. 


Numerous buses will follow a diversion avoiding the roadworks. You will find full details at  

Cars and lorries

  • For the time being, you will not be able to drive into the city from Liersesteenweg and Nekkerspoelstraat. If you want to travel from Liersesteenweg to the vesten, take Eikestraat and Antwerpsesteenweg. To drive to the vesten from Nekkerspoelstraat, take the N15.
  • The Keizerstraat-Veemarkt-Biest axis will be one-way to Frederik de Merodestraat. You can drive out of the city along Merodestraat. You can only drive into the city from Keizerstraat. 
  • Want to reach a house or business on Zwartzustersvest? Then go via Stompaertshoek. You can turn onto Zwartzustersvest at Zwartzustersberg. There you can drive on the outer lanes. You can no longer drive to Zwartzustersvest from Liersesteenweg, Tinellaan and Merodestraat.
  • And from Zwartzustersvest you can no longer drive to Zandpoortvest, Nekkerspoelstraat or Tangent.
Questions about access?

If you have questions about access during the works, go to infopunt van de Nieuwe Vesten.

The Nieuwe Vesten

Even though large numbers of people live, work and study on the vesten, to date priority has been given to traffic. The City of Mechelen and the Flemish highways agency (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer) are working together to change this and create the Nieuwe Vesten.

In August 2022 we will start introducing one-way traffic on the vesten. We are giving cyclists, pedestrians and public transport more room and we are creating green spaces. At the same time, we will ensure that our city remains accessible for motor traffic including goods transport. Initially we will be doing this with temporary measures. The definitive remodelling of the vesten will start at the end of 2023. Read more at