Breendonk Fort

Breendonk Fort is proof if ever any was needed that Belgium was not spared the horrors of Nazism and the concentration camps either.

The Fort is one of the best preserved camps in Europe and keeps alive the memory of all the Belgians who died as a result of deportation to Nazi camps.

Breendonk Fort is open every day. Parking is free.  


Fort van Breendonk

General information

Minimum number of people: 1

Maximum number of people: 25 per group

Languages spoken: Dutch , French , English 

Limited access for wheelchair-users  

Duration of activity 

Between 1 and 2 hrs

Closing day(s) : December 25th , January 1st and Day of Pilgrimage


T +32 3 860 75 25





Brandstraat 57, 2830 Willebroek.
Surroundings Mechelen.